Elyt's web page has for object facilitate the public in general, the activities that it realizes and the services that it gives. Elyt saves himself the faculty to effect, at any time and without previous notice, modifications of the information contained in his web page or in the configuration and presentation of this one.

On having acceded to this Web it is accepted that Elyt will not be responsible for any consequence, hurt or prejudice that they derive from the above mentioned access or use of the information of the above mentioned Web or for the access to other matters in Internet across the connections with this web page.

The Copyright of the material contained in this Web is property of Elyt. The access to he does not imply license for his reproduction and / or distribution and it is not allowed to do without the previous assent of ELYT. The eventual references that are done in Elyt's web site to any product, service, process, link, hypertext or any information using the brand, the trade name or the manufacturer or supplier, etc. That are an ownership of third parties support, sponsorship or recommendation does not constitute or implies on the part of Elyt.

The access to Elyt's web site implies without reservations the acceptance of the present general conditions of use that the USER affirms to understand in its entirety. The USER promises not to use the web site and the services that offer in the same one for the accomplishment of activities opposite to the law and to respect at all time the present general conditions.


1.1-The utilization of the web site of THE COMPANY he does not carry the obligatiry nature of inscription of the USER, except if this USER wants to use the database of existing articles in where it will be necessary that is registered covering a basic form, this one subscription will be ruled by the general specific conditions. The conditions of access and use of the present web site are ruled strictly by the in force legality and for the beginning of good faith promising the USER to realize a good use of the web. There remain prohibited all the acts that damage the legality, rights or interests of third parties: right to the intimacy, protection of information, intellectual property etc. Expressly Elyt prohibits the following ones:

1.1.1-To realize actions that could produce in the web site or across the same one for any way any type of hurt to ELYT's systems or to third parties.

1.1.2-To realize without the due authorization any type of advertising or commercial information directly or of concealed form, the sending of massive post office ("spaming") or sending of big messages in order to block servants of the network (" e-mail bombing ").

1.2-ELYT will be able to interrupt at any time the access to his web site if it detects a use opposite to the legality, the good faith or to the present general conditions - to see fifth clause.


The contents incorporated in this web site have been elaborated and included for:

2.1-ELYT, using internal and external sources in such a way that only he becomes a person in charge by the elaborated contents of internal form. 2.2-ELYT it saves itself the right to modify at any time the existing contents in his web site.


ELYT informs that the web site the own contents, the programming and the design of the web site is fullly protected by the copyright, remaining expressly prohibited any reproduction, communication, distribution and transformation of the above-mentioned elements protected except ELYT's express assent. ELYT uses external sources for the production of his contents in certain occasions and also it establishes links or hyperlinks to articles or information of third parties mentioning always the source. The legitimate holder of the copyright of this information like that included will be able to request at any time the elimination of the above-mentioned references. 


The present general conditions are ruled by the Spanish legislation. They are competent to solve any controversy or conflict that stems from the present general conditions the Courts of Madrid resigning expressly the USER any other jurisdiction that could correspond to him.


 In case any clause of the present document is declared void, other clauses will be still in force and will be interpreted bearing in mind the will of the parts and the purpose itself of the present conditions. ELYT will not be able to exercise anyone of the rights and powers awarded in this document what will not involve in any case the resignation to the same ones except express recognition on the part of ELYT.